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Korean New Year ‘Seollal’ 101: for those who need ultimate guide

The Lunar New Year "Seollal" is one of the most important traditional holidays in Korea. A Lunar calendar is a calendar based on the...

Chuseok Party With “Comfort Women” Victims

Yong-soo Lee, one of the "comfort women" who later made considerable contributions in raising the awareness of imperial Japanese army's violation of human rights...

Chuseok Sales and Promotions

With only two weeks remaining until Chuseok (Oct. 4), the Korean Thanksgiving, retailers in Koreatown are providing a big sale and promotions to celebrate...

Free Wire Transfer During Chuseok

As Chuseok, the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. is only two weeks away, Korean-American banks are providing free wire transfer services...

Asiana Airlines Offers Discount on Seoul-Los Angeles Tickets up to 40 Percent

Celebrating upcoming Chuseok holidays, Asiana Airlines is offering flight tickets between Seoul (Incheon) and Los Angeles at special prices, up to 40% off from...

5 Items Available Only at Korean Convenience Stores – Dosirak Edition

Convenience stores have a special appeal, especially in Korea. As you step inside one of those clean, bright stores open 24/7, hottest K-pop and...

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