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Here Are Some of the Finest Kimchi Dishes From Michelin-Starred Restaurants

'Kimchi' is a traditional Korean side dish that almost never goes wrong with any Korean food. Yet, the word 'kimchi' should sound familiar to anyone...

Kimchi and You: The Benefits of Fermented Foods

Spurred on by mounting scientific evidence regarding the potential benefits of probiotic bacteria, fermented foods have become trendy, bringing many traditional foods and cuisines into...

Will Kimchi Lead the New Food Trend?

Kimchi made it on the list of the four noticeable food trends selected by USA Today. On June 28th, USA Today introduced four small start-up...

Three Kimchi to Maximize Your Appetite

When foreigners are asked what they know about South Korea, most will either answer with Psy or Kimchi. Kimchi leaves a great impression on...

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