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Will Kimchi Lead the New Food Trend?

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Mother-in-Law's Kimchi
Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi

Kimchi made it on the list of the four noticeable food trends selected by USA Today.

On June 28th, USA Today introduced four small start-up companies and trends in the food industry that were found noticeable at the Summer Fancy Food Trade Show.

According to the same media, specialty food sales from these kind of purveyors hit $120.5 billion last year, up more than 21% since 2013. Emphasizing the potential of small food start-up companies, USA Today introduced four trends: Non-dairy milk, Jerky, Cold-Brew, and Kimchi.

The media explained that customers in search of probiotics are helping the trend of fermented foods like kimchi. It introduced Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi as a small food company that has potential of leading the kimchi trend.

Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi was founded and launched by Lauryn Chun, a Korean American woman who was inspired by the beauty of Korea’s handcrafted tradition of kimchi as a fine food that belongs in the ranks of fine fermented foods like wine, cheese and beer traditions.

As Korean food is one of the most underrated among Asian foods, USA Today’s trend forecast is arousing curiosity about the future of kimchi as a pioneer of the new food trend.


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Translated and edited by Heewon Kim

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