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It’s Time to DRINK Kimchi

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Organic Fresh Raw Kimchi Juice (right) [Gold Mine Natural Food Co.]

As the essential element of Korean cuisine, kimchi is widely loved across the globe. The smell of the fermented cabbage tends to have a strong smell, but once accustomed to it, you will quickly fall in love with this healthy and delicious side dish staple. But is the humankind ready for the juice made of kimchi?

Produced by US health food producer Gold Mine Natural Food Co., the kimchi juice is listed on Amazon with several positive reviews.

“Kimchi, the fiery, spicy fermented cabbage so popular in Korean cuisine is quickly emerging as a part of the global food trend toward distinctive, punchy flavors that are penetrating mainstream menus,” writes the product description, introducing kimchi. The kimchi juice is specially made organic, kosher, and gluten-free, in addition to vegan – unlike commonly found kimchi fermented with fish sauce or shrimp sauce.

The producer suggests using the juice to mix with other vegetable juice, or to substitute vinegar. You can enjoy drinking it as a juice as well.

Customers left positive comments like “This is the Nectar of the Gods,” “This juice is addictive,” and “After the initial getting used to the heat, it becomes a flavor you can’t get enough of.” One of the customers testifies that it helps to balance the GI and handle digestion.

Unfortunately, the product is currently out of stock on Amazon, but if you are lucky enough to find it in stores, how about giving it a shot?


By Heewon Kim