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star wars

Lee Isaac Chung explores new galaxy after directing episode of ‘The Mandalorian’

Many children have imagined themselves as Jedi, carrying around a green lightsaber and hoping that the force be with them. Lee Isaac Chung, the...

For latest ‘Star Wars’ flick, the force remains weak in Korea

The seventh installment of the “Star Wars” franchise is still making headlines worldwide even a month after it was released in December. In North America,...

Disney-Pixar’s latest animation roars into 1st place

Disney-Pixar’s 16th feature, “The Good Dinosaur,” came in first place at the Korean box office on its opening weekend, while local human drama “The...

Expectations are high for new ‘Star Wars’ in China

SHANGHAI - The latest Star Wars movie broke the $1 billion mark before fans in China could see it, but producers anticipate “The Force...

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