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155 die in Halloween crowd crush in Korea’s Itaewon

    Scores died Saturday in Itaewon in a horrific crowd crush during the first Halloween celebrations since most Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. The tragedy left Korea...

Making Itaewon: The evolution of Seoul’s most diverse neighborhood

Itaewon in central Seoul is one of Korea's best-known neighborhoods, famous as a hub of multiculturalism and one of the best places in the...

Visit Huam-Dong for the Best View of Seoul

There are two spots in the northern part of the river most tourists to Seoul don’t miss – Namsan and Itaewon. While the former...

Locals’ Favorite New Eats in Itaewon

Locals' Favorite in Itaewon If you want to explore "EATaewon" like a local, here are the hottest places in the neighborhood among locals! By Heewon Kim Locals'...

Places to Visit in Seoul by Subway – Line 6

Places to Visit in Seoul by Subway Line 6 From major TV stations to Itaewon, Seoul Metro's Line 6 takes you to neighborhoods with something...

This Bakery in Itaewon, Seoul, is Dessert Lovers’ Heaven


Japanese-Style ‘Sando’ Sandwiches Growing Popular in Korea

Sandwiches are loved as snacks, or sometimes even as meals, universally. As much as its grand popularity, the variety of them is innumerable, differing...

This Neighborhood in Itaewon Is Rising as the Trendiest Place among Locals

Those who want to set trends instead of following them seek for the places rather secluded, seldom visited by people. As most districts in...

4 Hottest Themed Cafes to Visit in Seoul


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