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Mugwort Is the New Green Tea of Korea’s Dessert Scene

Those who first come up with the fusion of green tea flavor and desserts – and I want to thank them, whoever they are...

Three Neighborhoods to Explore in Mapo District Besides Hongdae

Neighborhoods in Mapo-gu you can explore while avoiding oversaturated Hongdae Hongdae, which refers to the neighborhood around Hongik University, has now become one of the...

Specially Themed K-Beauty Stores You Must Visit in Seoul

If you’re visiting Korea, you must have makeup products on your shopping list. Whether it’s for yourself or for your friends and family, Korean...

Places to Visit in Seoul by Subway Line 2

Places to Visit by Subway Line 2 Taking the subway is one of the best ways to travel Seoul, as it connects every corner of...

Gordon Ramsay’s Culinary Tour to Korea

Globally renowned star chef Gordon Ramsay recently had a culinary tour to South Korea. In Korea, the chef tried Korea’s various signature dishes like...

Street Dancer in Hot Water over Hair Grabbing ‘Performance’

A street dancer who performs on Hongdae streets is criticized for grabbing audiences’ hair as a part of his “performance.” On November 12, a Twitter...

4 Hottest Themed Cafes to Visit in Seoul


Where to Find the Fluffiest Souffle Pancakes in Korea

Who wouldn’t like extra fluffiness on their pancakes? Originated from Japan, Souffle Pancake is a new type of pancake made incredibly soft and light...

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