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Gordon Ramsay’s Culinary Tour to Korea

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Globally renowned star chef Gordon Ramsay recently had a culinary tour to South Korea. In Korea, the chef tried Korea’s various signature dishes like Samgyeopsal and San-nakji.

Videos featuring the chef’s visit to Korea have been unveiled through Cass’ Facebook page. The chef recently modeled for Cass, one of the most consumed beer brands in Korea.

Videos are produced as a series of three episodes, namely, “Mukbang,” “Game,” and “Bloody Fresh.” In the video, the chef tries and reviews various dishes in culinary towns in Korea, such as Gwangjang Market and Hongdae.

The first episode “Mukbang” opens with chef Gordon Ramsay’s arrival at Incheon International Airport on November 17. Despite late hours, Korean fans welcomed him at the airport and the chef didn’t hesitate to sign autographs for them.

On the following day, the Michelin-starred chef visits Gwangjang Market, where he tries signature dishes at the market like the “drug” Kimbap, Bindae-tteok, San-nakji, and Yukhoe.

The following episode features more contents about drinking culture of Korea. The British chef plays drinking games with young people, while also enjoying Chimaek (Chicken and Beer) and Sammaek (Samgyeopsal and Beer). The last episode focuses more on the chef’s critics on Korean food and beer.

“People will be able to find a new appeal of chef Gordon Ramsay as a kind, gentle, and shy person,” said an insider of Cass. More videos following the chef’s visit to Korea will be uploaded on Cass’ Facebook page.


Original article by Jeon Young-seon