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LAPD Approves 1-Year Drone Program, Protesters Are Outraged

On Tuesday (17th) morning, outside the LAPD Headquarters located at Downtown Los Angeles was crowded with protesters and reporters. The reason was that the Police...

In drone battle, it’s everyone vs. China

SHENZHEN, China - The battle for commercial drone supremacy is well underway, and so far, China’s in the lead. Back in December, world’s largest drone...

Student-built drone carries aid in remote Nepal

Angel Swing, a social start-up established by a group of college students, succeeded earlier this month in delivering medicine to people in remote areas...

Pyongyang sends a drone briefly across DMZ

A North Korean drone flew over the border on Wednesday and returned to the North after warning shots were fired by South Korea, the...

Convergence continues to be key at 2016 CES

The personal computer was the star of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back in the 1980s. In the ’90s, consumer gadgets were all the...

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