Veteran – the story of ‘The Unstoppable Police vs The Untouchable Wealthy’

A sublime combination of action, comedy and drama creates Korea’s third top grossing film of all time

Veteran is a must-see film for those who love a healthy mix of action, comedy and drama. It had a U.S. release date of Sept. 18th, and since then, has cemented itself as Korea’s third top grossing film of all time.

Renowned Korean movie director Ryoo Seung-wan created an atmosphere where his main characters were natural enemies: a morally just cop versus an ultra-corrupt and spoiled playboy. Up and coming actor, Yoo Ah-In (Tough as Iron) played the latter, and offered, what we feel, was the breakout performance of the film. He is known in Korea for his charming good looks and the coming-of-age characters that he portrays, but in this film, he is anything but likeable. The way that he was able to portray blatant disregard for the law seasoned with a hint of madness was so unlike the Yoo Ah-In we’ve gotten to know and love, that we were blown away.

His nemesis is an ultimate do-gooder detective, played by Hwang Jung-Min (Ode to My Father) who is out to fix the flawed system that rewards the corrupt and filthy rich and punishes the honest and hardworking middle class. It was interesting to watch his character handle the hurdles and pitfalls in his own life with comedy and compassion, while at the same time, being bombarded by corruption so thick it threatened to engulf his family and friends around him. But, of course, he is not alone and with the help of his team of like-minded and fearless companions, he navigates his way through the web of lies and comes out on top!

All in all, this film is the perfect mix of fun, excitement and thoughtfulness. It reminds us that living life with integrity will keep us infinitely richer than any amount of money, since riches can only really take you so far and your crimes will eventually catch up with you. This movie also saw the film debut of one of the Korea’s stars in the modeling industry. Top model, Jang Yoon-Ju played the part of Miss Bong, who is able to hold her own as the team’s only female member. Jang Yoon-Ju is known in Korea for hosting Korea’s Next Top Model, but set all elegance aside as she transformed into the formidable and tough Miss Bong. We hope she will continue to act in other upcoming films as she was fun to watch!

There is more exciting news of course! With the success that Veteran saw at the box office this year, a sequel has been green-lit, with Ryoo Seung-Wan and the original team all attached, so we can expect to see Hwang Jung-Min back again, fighting to bring balance to the world, one evil villain at a time. We were able to catch Veteran at the CGV Cinema in Koreatown, the perfect location to get your Korean movie fix! As an added bonus, all movies on Tuesdays (until 2016) are only $6.00, so hurry over!

By Nutty Nomads