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‘Jipbap’ YouTubers are the new momentum driving the globalization of Korean food

Korean-American YouTubers in the United States are spearheading the global popularization of Korean cuisine through the introduction of home-cooked Korean meals. YouTubers showcasing 'jipbap', the...

YouTuber known as school bullying victim dies at 27

YouTuber and hairdresser Pyo Ye-rim, known for her accounts of school bullying, took her own life on Tuesday. She was 27. According to the police, Pyo...

Youtuber harassing people by filming in public becomes a problem

  Recently, controversy has arisen over a YouTuber filming Korean Americans on the streets of Koreatown without their permission. The YouTuber has been filming Korean Americans'...

Colombian YouTuber Experiments to Show How Safe Korea Is

A Colombian YouTuber living in South Korea, Juanes Valez, showed how safe Korea is by leaving his laptop unattended in public. Through the 12-minute video...

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