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Colombian YouTuber Experiments to Show How Safe Korea Is

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A Colombian YouTuber living in South Korea, Juanes Valez, showed how safe Korea is by leaving his laptop unattended in public.

Through the 12-minute video posted in March 2016, Valez confirms high security level of Korea. He reveals in the video that he is filming the video to answer frequently asked questions, “How honest are Koreans” and “How secure is the country?”

Valez, a YouTuber with over 335 thousand subscribers, starts filming in a coffee shop in Myeongdong, Seoul. He soon leaves his backpack and laptop unattended and starts roaming the Myeongdong street, long enough for anyone to steal his belongings.

When he comebacks after shooting on streets and even shopping, Valez finds his belongings left untouched.

Those who watched his video left surprised comments, writing, “I can’t even imagine leaving a thing in public unattended,” “People would steal even a piece of napkin if you go to toilet in Spain,” and “Your physical security could have been endangered in Venezuela, not to mention the laptop’s.”


Original article by Chung Woo-young