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Yonsei University

Is the only way to make Korean friends at the bottom of a bottle?

“Are you going to the next MT?,” my friend asked one day during lunch. Curious, I asked what "MT" stands for, and my friend explained...

Ranking, location and culture help prospective students pick their Korean university

If you've set your sights on overseas study, deciding where to go can be a long and tough decision. But even once you've settled...

Yonsei Global CEO to Start Lecture on July 27

Korean-America’s largest MBA program Yonsei Global CEO (YGCEO) will be held for a month between July and August. This year’s program marks its fourth year...

20-Year-Old American Exchange Student Found Dead at Yonsei University Dorms

A 20-year-old American exchange student at Yonsei University (Seoul campus) was found dead in her dorm room. A dormitory staff found her and reported to...

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