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Seoul cafes

Mugwort Is the New Green Tea of Korea’s Dessert Scene

Those who first come up with the fusion of green tea flavor and desserts – and I want to thank them, whoever they are...

Seoul’s Instagram-Worthy Desserts Are on Another Level

What quality do you value the most when it comes to dessert? Of course, its taste is the first thing to consider, but in...

Uniquely Themed Cafes You Can Find in Korea

Cafe culture in Korea shows an interesting shape of development. On one hand, the number of people who savor the flavor and aroma of...

Pink Cafes in Korea for Your Inner Princess

Pink Cafes in Korea   By Heewon Kim * Click and Slide to find more!   Pink Cafes in Korea Pink Cafes in Korea Pink Cafes in Korea Pink Cafes in Korea Pink...

Toms Roasting Co Brings One-for-One to Hanok Cafe in Seoul

Following its first Asian flagship store in Hanam City in Korea, Toms Roasting Co has opened the first official store in Korea near Gwanghwamoon...

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