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Los Angeles police announces intensive control and regulation over Koreatown karaoke bars

Police have announced an intensive control on illegal karaoke operations, violations of business hours, use of credit card reader in other people's names, and...

45-year-old man finally achieves his dream of becoming a police officer after failing 26 times

A Korean man named Ahn Tae-yong finally achieved his dream of becoming a police officer at the age of 45. After receiving a notification of...

Korean ex-police officer on trial for murder wants case moved to federal court

A Korean ex-police officer put on trial for shooting and killing a suspected robber during an arrest operation requested to move the case to...

Korean-American storeowner attacked in February robbery dies from his injuries

@katchup_news ♬ Sad Music (Background Version) - MaximusSound     A Korean-American man injured in an armed robbery of his store...

YG Entertainment requests investigation into leak of Blackpink Jennie’s photos

Jennie of Blackpink Girl group Blackpink’s agency YG Entertainment said Monday it requested the police to begin an investigation to find who...

Potential gun violence averted at annual L.A. Pride Parade

On the same day of the atrocious Orlando terror attack, officers arrested a man armed with an assortment of weapons at 5:00 a.m. in...

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