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Ode to My Father

Yoon touts alliance’s role in promoting growth of K-culture

President Yoon Suk Yeol attended the Global Creative Industry Leadership Forum in Washington on Thursday and asked if anyone had watched the hit Korean...

Director Yoon Je-kyun turns ‘Hero’ independence activist musical into film

Director Yoon Je-kyun already dedicated a movie to his father with his 2014 hit “Ode to My Father.” Now, his upcoming film “Hero” is an ode...

[KMovie Spotlight] Review of ‘Ode to My Father’ (2014)

I want to introduce you to a classic film that allowed me to better understand my grandparents' generation. Deeply touching, revolving around the value...

Korea’s flag finally finds its way into art

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks in November, many Facebook users applied the French national flag colors over their profile pictures to...

Veteran – the story of ‘The Unstoppable Police vs The Untouchable Wealthy’

Veteran is a must-see film for those who love a healthy mix of action, comedy and drama. It had a U.S. release date of...

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