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South Korea joins U.S.-led multinational anti-submarine exercise

South Korea's Navy is participating in a U.S.-led multinational anti-submarine warfare exercise in waters off Guam, officials said Wednesday. The Navy sent two P-3 maritime...

Asia-Pacific gaming market to be largest in world by 2027

The Asia-Pacific region will be the largest gaming market by 2027, led by China, Japan, Korea, and India, Sami Kizilbash, Google’s global head of...

Danuri heads to the moon and takes Korea into space club

A Korean spacecraft is on its way to the moon after successfully launching and reaching a slingshot trajectory.It is the country's first step into...

India’s largest bank opens its first branch in Korea

The State Bank of India (SBI), the largest bank in India in terms of assets, opened a branch in Seoul on Wednesday. The financial institution...

[Cooking with Her Excellency, India] Prawn dish offers taste of diverse cuisine

Coming from a country best known for its wide variety of curries, Sangeeta Doraiswami made a point to note that her selection for this...

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