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Locations announced for new offices for overseas Koreans

The headquarters of the newly established Overseas Koreans Agency will be located in Incheon, while the agency's administrative support office will be located in...

The student’s shocking death escalates gender conflicts

Public reaction to a male college student's suspected sexual assault and murder of a female classmate at Inha University highlighted deepening gender-based divisions and...

5 Reasons Why You Must Travel Incheon

  Visiting South Korea, you'll get to visit Incheon at least twice, as it's where the international airport is located. So how about explore the...

Korean Air Expands Flights for LAX-Incheon Route

Starting from next summer (June - August), it is expected to be easier to get flight tickets to Korea. Korean Air announced on 18th that...

GDP in Gyeonggi surpasses Seoul

Gyeonggi last year overtook Seoul in terms of regional economy for the first time since 1998, when the government started gathering data. According to Statistics...

2015.12.3 Hotel Events

Grand Hyatt Incheon To Dec. 27: The Grand Hyatt Incheon launched its Awoo Doll campaign in partnership with Unicef. This campaign is the Unicef charity...

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