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This year’s Cannes kicks off with seven Korean films to be screened

The 76th Cannes International Film Festival kicked off on Tuesday with seven Korean feature and short films chosen for screening under different categories. A total...

Blackpink’s Jennie to attend Cannes Film Festival for ‘The Idol’

Jennie from girl group Blackpink will attend the upcoming Cannes Film Festival in May with the cast of the upcoming HBO series “The Idol.” “Jennie...

Park Chan-wook directs upcoming HBO original ‘The Sympathizer’

Korean director Park Chan-wook, the maestro behind Bafta-nominated “Decision to Leave” (2022), is coming to the small screen with an HBO original, “The Sympathizer.” HBO...

7 American TV Shows That Koreans Are Obsessed With

Although Korean dramas are famous all around the world, it does not necessarily mean that all Koreans enjoy watching just K-dramas. There are certain...

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