Pastry lover’s guide to L.A. Coffee shops

Pasty is always a good companion for a cup of coffee. Whether it’s a sweet crumble muffin, puffy croissant, or something else new and creative, a quality pastry enhances your coffee experience. To help you guide through Los Angeles where exceptional coffee shops are flourishing, here is a list of coffee places serving delectable pastries.

12816873_532628833586086_811161571_n1. Cofax
Cofax is an independent coffee shop located in Fairfax Village. At this Dodger’s themed cafe, you can enjoy Stumptown espresso drinks, kombucha, breakfast burritos, and handcrafted baked goods taken over by a fantastic collection of donuts. Compartes Chocolate Chocolate is the star, but all other baked donuts are also amazing. Seating isn’t the best at Cofax, but I can assure that you won’t need so much time to finish your food and coffee.
440 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

12729521_533007050202344_1672707579_n2. Paper or Plastik
Paper or Plactik is a wonderful place to have a meal and spend time with friends, or to seat alone reading book if you’re a solo player (they have no-laptop policy on weekends, so I would suggest bringing a book). Their food menu includes some solid brunch items like avocado toast and shakshuka, but pastries here are also amazing with a wide variety to select from. They serve beers and wines too, so if you want to try dessert+alcohol combination, go for it!
5772 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

12728580_1545493212409937_614621550_n3. Go Get Em Tiger
Go Get Em Tiger, located in the heart of Larchmont Village, is a sister coffee shop of Glanville & Babinski. Counter-serving setting at Go Get Em Tiger allows more interaction with baristas as you order your drinks and food directly to them. You can find the best assortment of coffees from around the globe, so talk to your barista to find your kind of coffee. Their pasty collection is not fixed, but cara cara orange scones and GF cookies are delectable.
230 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

12716549_968501266572295_1612580038_n4. Coffee Commissary
Coffee Commissary is a multi-roaster cafe with the Coava, Madcap, Victrola, and other exceptional beans brewed on rotation. If you get here right on time, you can enjoy some quality breakfast food from Free Range food truck. Even if you visit Commissary too late for breakfast, however, don’t be disappointed! Their pastry collection is not bad at all either, including savory turnovers, sweet and buttery morning buns, and and other sweet treats.
801 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

12534286_156174468094594_12435173_n5. Alfred Coffee
This stylish coffee shop on Melrose Place serves their own blend from Stumptown coffee, selection of pressed juices from Pressed Juicery, and Compartes chocolates. Like Commissary, Alfred Coffee too occasionally has food truck guests, including Free Range and Yestie Boys Bagels. However, if your morning is too busy for legit breakfast items from them, grab one of the pastries brought from Farmshop and rush to work, school, or wherever else you’re heading.
8428 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA 90069

By Heewon Kim