Five reasons why walking is better than running

walking-926674_960_720Walking is hardly perceived as a form of exercise as you do it naturally without effort. However, health experts comment that walking can bring some positive effects that can’t be achieved through other intense exercises.

1. Emotional balance
There are times when you feel down and empty without reason. Walking is one of the easiest ways to walk yourself out of those times. 15 minutes of walking relieves stress and elevates your mood.

2. Creativity
Walking around the street enables you to encounter with different scenes, people, and things, which means that your brain is constantly simulated. As a result, walking is helpful when you want to boost your creativity

3. Fast recovery
To make a healthier body, there should be a right balance between exercise and rest. Rather than excessive strength exercises or daily jogging, adding walking on your routine prevents enables your body to recover faster.

4. Stress relief
Walking reduces stress instantly and easily. According to past studies, walking reduces secretion of cortisol, which is known as a stress hormone.

5. Increased mobility
Walking makes the movement of hip joint smooth, improving one’s mobility as well as flexibility.

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Translated by Heewon Kim