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Singer Jang Beom-jun to return with album

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12020334Singer Jang Beom-jun, the former lead vocalist of now-defunct indie trio Busker Busker, will release a second solo album between March and April, according to multiple industry insiders.

His new album is coming out roughly 18 months after the release of his first solo album in August 2014.

The 26-year-old singer is reportedly adding final touches to his upcoming album, which will be filled with seasonal songs, like his previous hit “Cherry Blossom Ending.”

In order to promote his second album, Jang is publishing a webtoon series titled “Falling in Love Easily.”

Jang made a name for himself through the third season of the popular TV audition show “Super Star K” in 2011 and he and his bandmates released their first album a year later.

The album was a hit because most of the songs, written and composed by Jang, had a different sound from mainstream K-pop music.

Of all the songs, “Cherry Blossom Ending” brought Jang fame and fortune because the song has reappeared on Korean music charts every spring since its release.

The song is even considered an indicator that signals the arrival of spring for many music-listeners.

With the huge commercial success of the song, Jang, who owns the copyright of the song, purchased a building in Daechi-dong, southern Seoul. Because of this, the song is nicknamed “Cherry Blossom Pension.”

Jang got married in 2014 and he has been away from the music scene for awhile since his marriage.

By Sung So-young