Breathe new life into your old cosmetic

234432875Opening the drawer, you don’t have to feel guilty any more about those abandoned cosmetics you don’t use. Here are some tips for you to breathe new lives into them.

Duration of a perfume is up to three years. After this period, scent not only is weakened, but it also changes. It would be nice if you can finish the bottle before it gets too old, but everyone knows that it is nearly impossible, especially when you have several perfumes. If some of them don’t get chances to be used up completely, you can bring them back to lives in different ways.
Mix ethanol and your old yet still beloved perfume in a glass bottle in 7:3 ratio. Putting several wooden sticks in the mixture, you can make a diffuser.

If you don’t want to be bothered to buy ethanol, you can simply put some drops on dried flowers or cotton pads. Wiping light bulbs with a little amount of perfume will make the scent disperse through the room as heat from the light bulb makes the scent travel further.
Try putting a couple of drops of perfume when you rinse your hair. You will smell like you’re favorite perfume all day.

Make-up products
You’re old face lotions can be used as body lotions with three or four drops of essential oil. Or you can make your own cleansing lotion by simply mixing vegetable oil (you may use an olive oil or a grape seed oil) and lotion with 10:1 ratio.

Mixing brown sugar with lotion makes a great facial mask. You may put the mixture on your face , leave it for 15 minutes, and rinse with water for hydration as well as scrub.
An old night cream can be used as a hair treatment or a leather polisher.

You can create a shade by mixing two different eye shadows. Break two different eye shadows completely and mix well in a new container. Then push it with a cotton pad that’s fully soaked in ethanol. By following these simple steps, you can create as many new shades as you want.

Of course you have old lipsticks that you left in your drawer as they had gone out of fashion. Especially when they are ultra pigmented, there are little chances that you will find yourself wearing them again. When you mix Vaseline and one of those lipsticks, you can make a tinted lip balm. Put some Vaseline in a new container and melt it down with a hair drier. When the Vaseline is melted enough, Add a small chunk of lipstick, melt the mixture again, and solidify in room temperature. You may adjust the amount of Vaseline to make softer or harder lip balm.

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