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Big Bang’s Taeyang to change management to YG affiliate The Black Label

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Taeyang of Big Bang [YG ENTERTAINMENT]
Taeyang of Big Bang [YG ENTERTAINMENT]

Taeyang of boy band Big Bang will change his management from YG Entertainment to its affiliate The Black Label, according to YG on Monday.

“There is no change to the fact that Taeyang is family to YG and is a member of Big Bang,” YG Entertainment said in a statement the same day.

“We are aware that many people are waiting for Big Bang’s activities, so we will strive for that together.”

“Taeyang is having a fresh new start at The Black Label, based on producer Teddy and Taeyang’s strong trust regarding each other’s music,” said The Black Label. “They’ve joined forces for a long time as producer and artist.”

The Black Label was founded by Teddy in 2016 as an affiliate of YG Entertainment. The agency also manages singers Zion.T and Jeon Somi.

BY HALEY YANG [yang.hyunjoo@joongang.co.kr]