Avoid Red Roses for Your Valentines


This upcoming Sunday marks the most romantic day of the year — Valentine’s Day. Although there is a long history behind this popular day relating to religious celebration of early saints, this day has been associated with romantic love since the 14th century. Since then, when people imagine Valentine’s Day, they think of red roses, delicately wrapped chocolates and candy.

For those who enjoy their single lives, this day may seem like a meaningless sales gimmick. But the couples to prepare a little something for each other are probably busy searching for romantic gifts to please their sweethearts. What makes it hard for the couples 5402157745_c2ba66fc2d_ois balancing the fine line. If you cross the line, it may seem too much, perhaps a little uncomfortable for the partner, but if you don’t come close to the line, you might seem indifferent or crude.

Surprisingly, according to the Washington Post, red roses are not likely to fly as gifts for your valentine. It is not because roses are not expensive, but rather because this generic gift might seem insincere in the receiver’s point of view. Around Valentine’s Day, red roses are very commonplace — they are everywhere. Thus, receiving something that seems as if it did not have any thoughts behind might not cause one to be moved to tears. Some women even consider red roses “presents from lazy men.”

For men who actually put effort into buying a bundle of red roses for their ladies, this might seem a little too harsh of a statement. However, it all comes to reassuring if your partner cares about you. Presents that please are not always the most expensive, fancy ones that have jaw dropping logos stamped onto them. They are rather the one hand written letter that has white-out marks and eraser marks all over. Presents for anyone on any occasion, what matters is the effort and thought behind it, not the price tag.

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Edited by Sooahn Ko