4 YouTube Cooking Channels You’ll Regret If You Don’t Follow


1. Honeykki (꿀키)

YouTube star Honeykki has almost 1 million followers. She makes not only Korean food, but other western dishes and even desserts. Her videos are both visually and audibly pleasing to enjoy.

2. Wife’s Cuisine (아내의 식탁)

As you probably have guessed from her name, another YouTube blogger Wife’s Cuisine cooks food with the most caring and lovely attitude. The way she decorates and plates food is so cute you just can’t resist watching her videos.

3. Cho’s Daily Cook (초의 데일리쿡)

Have you heard of Food ASMR? Well ASMR, which stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’, is supposed to make you calm and satisfied with sounds like whispering and particular noises. Cho’s Daily Cook uses a special microphone to record her cooking. She even sometimes records herself eating the food alone. And trust me, these ASMR sounds are so oddly satisfying.

4. Tooktak (뚝딱)

Watching Tooktak‘s cooking videos will definitely make you homesick if you ever lived with a Korean grandma. This YouTube channel shows a Korean grandmother making a variety of Korean banchan (side dishes). She appears on the screen and kindly explains the recipes.