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Why You Shouldn’t Lose Weight in 2023

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A study found that if you decided to go on a “diet” for the New Year, it’s better to not do it.

ABC7 reported on the 3rd that “We followed thousands of people who went on a diet for a long time, and more than 30% gained more weight than they lost four to five years later.”

“The human body has a ‘homeostasis’ to naturally maintain equilibrium to alleviate the imbalance,” said Ashley Hinds, a nutritionist. “When you go on a diet, the body keeps anticipating and preparing for the next nutritional deficiency, so over time, it causes an increase in congestion.”

Nutrition experts argue that the first rule regarding dieting is “rather, not dieting.”

“What’s more important than dieting is a change in lifestyle, regular meals and a balanced diet,” said Luhi Ahmad, a professional nutritionist. “It’s a diet consisting of vegetables, some carbohydrates, and protein, and if necessary, a little snack in between.”