Where to Bike in Irvine


untitled4Irvine is one of the best cities to bike for both commuting and recreational purpose, which is evident by 301 lane miles of on-street and 54 miles of off-street bikeways provided in the City. Here are three bikeways that will provide you a brief a great leisure time with safety. Please visit cityofirvine.org/transportation/city-irvine-bikeways for maps.

1. San Diego Creek Trail
San Diego Creek trail, which goes from Newport beach to Irvine Spectrum Center, is one of the most famous trails for bikers in Irvine. The trail also goes through Woodbridge, Oak Creek, and West Park, with about 30 entrances. You may park your car at local parks near the trail. Restrooms and water fountain is accessible at 4 Civic Center Plaza.

2. Major Roads Route
Going through Walnut, Geoffrey, University, and Culver, this 9.6 miles of trail is accessible for 24 hours as long as you have lights attached to your bike. Parking and restrooms are available at Heritage Park at Yale and Walnut.

3. Quail Hill Loop and Quail Trail
Quail is a 6.5 miles long mountain bike trail at 34 Shady Canyon. The trail opens at 7 a.m. and closes at sunset. With a relatively easy and short course, Quail trail is popular among mountain bike beginners. Parking is available at Shady Canyon and Fossil.

Original document available from http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=5&branch=NEWS&source=&category=lifenleisure.travelnhobby&art_id=3834388
Translated by Heewon Kim