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What’s the Deal with #HRKK Flush Dolls Hanging Across Los Angeles?

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Push doll hanging from Vermont and 4th power line
Push doll hanging from Vermont and 4th power line

Driving across Los Angeles, you probably have already encountered with these small animal plush dolls hanging with tags reading #HRKK. Hanging throughout some of the busiest streets in Los Angeles, including Sunset, Hollywood, Melrose, Vermont, Western, and Fairfax, these stuffed animals are arousing much curiosity.

While people present their own guesses, some saying that it’s a new indicator for drug dealing scene, guesses are narrowing down to it being a marketing tool for an indie band.

A New York-based band, HeartsRevolution, released a track “Kishi Kaisei” in 2014. In the song’s music video, a man wearing bunny head with pink eye mask drives across Los Angeles. As the hanging plush dolls, too, are wearing pink eye masks, #HRKK seems to indicate HeartsRevolution’s Kishi Kaisei.

Watch the music video below!


Original article written be Kim Hyung-jae
Translated by Heewon Kim