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Watermelon Flavor is Koreans’ New Obsession

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Among few things that make summer enjoyable, people this year seem to find a special appeal in watermelons, judging off of the recent #watermelondress craze on Instagram.

People in Korea are fond of watermelons, too, but their creativity is directed more to the edible forms. Currently, you can find the whole variety of watermelon food products, which range from ice cream to alcoholic beverages. Listed below are watermelon flavored products easily accessible from convenience stores and grocery stores in Korea.


1. Watermelon Milk


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2. Watermelon Soda


3. Watermelon Ice Cream


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+ “Reversed” Watermelon Ice Cream was also released to satisfy those who claim that the green part is more delicious than the red.

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4. Watermelon Candies


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5. Watermelon Makgeolli (Korean alcoholic beverage made with rice)

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6. Watermelon Cream Bun


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By Heewon Kim