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Watch Baek Ji-young and 57-Year-Old Woman Singing a Perfect Duet

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On September 10th’ episode of SBS ‘Fantastic Duo 2’, a 57-year-old woman sang a perfect duet with singer Baek Ji-young.

The woman’s name is Jang Ji-eun, who is currently selling vegetables in the city of Busan. As soon as she sang on stage in front of Baek Ji-young and other singers, the crowd immediately exclaimed because of her beautiful voice.

So this is her story. In 1984, Jang participated in the 5th Riverside Singing Festival to pursue her dream as a singer. She then finally made it to the top 13 singers. However, she couldn’t continue as her then-boyfriend (now husband) convinced her to stop. He was afraid that she wouldn’t marry him if she wins the festival and becomes famous.

Therefore, she had to stop there and the winning trophy ultimately went to Lee Sun-hee, who is now a famous singer. Jang is now running a vegetables store in Busan.

On the show, Jang was chosen to sing a duet with Baek Ji-young. The duo sang Baek’s song ‘Don’t Forget Me’.

Watch their amazing performance in the video above.


by Audrey Joung