U.S. Citizens Smoking Pot in Korea Can Be Permanently Deported


L.A.’s Consulate General of the Republic of Korea warned Korean-Americans about using marijuana when visiting South Korea after the recent legalization of recreational cannabis use in California.

The consulate office announced Wednesday that U.S. citizens will be permanently deported from Korea if they are ever arrested for smoking marijuana during their stay in South Korea. However, exemptions could be made for humanitarian reasons.

“U.S. citizens who’ve been caught smoking marijuana in Korea have been making inquiries about possibly reentering the country,” said an employee at the consulate office. “The South Korean government classify marijuana as an illegal drug. Anyone who uses marijuana in Korea is subject to punishment.”

For obvious reasons, entering South Korea with marijuana is also banned. By law, even South Korean citizens traveling in the U.S. are subject to punishment if they use cannabis during their stay outside of Korea.

South Korean authorities are using various drug tests, including analysis of hair and urine, to clamp down on the use of marijuana in their country.


By Hyoungjae Kim