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Two Korean dramas nominated for Critics Choice Awards

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Main poster for "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" [ENA]
Main poster for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” [ENA]

Two Korean-language dramas, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and “Pachinko,” have been nominated as the best foreign language series for this year’s Critics Choice Awards.

According to the nominations announced by the Critics Choice Association on Monday local time, the Korean legal drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” aired on local cable channel ENA and available on Netflix, and Apple TV+ original series “Pachinko” were listed in the TV category, along with seven other series.

“Woo” revolves around a lawyer named Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), who is brilliant with an outstanding memory but lacks social skills and empathy due to being on the autism spectrum.


Main poster for "Pachinko" [APPLE TV]
Main poster for “Pachinko” [APPLE TV]

“Pachinko,” based on the 2017 bestselling novel by Korean-American author Lee Min-jin, is a sprawling, multilingual epic that examines four generations of a Korean family during the Japanese occupation of Korea and the subsequent racism that followed.

Winners will be announced at the 28th Critics Choice Awards gala in Los Angeles on Jan. 15.

Last year, Netflix sensation “Squid Game” won the best non-English language TV series to become the first Korean show to receive the prize given by a group of 500 film and TV broadcast critics in North America. Its lead actor Lee Jung-jae won the best actor award in a drama series.