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The spirit of Officer Daniel Lim lives on

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Sgt. Lim on duty in Afghanistan.  
Sgt. Lim on duty in Afghanistan.

July 24, 2010 marks the day that Sergeant Daniel Lim fell in battle while serving active duty stationed in Afghanistan. 6 years later, Lim’s father Woo Bang Lim still visits his son’s grave.

A Cypress native, Lim held a reputation as a solid student, graduating from Pacifica High School in 2005. Lim attended California State University Long Beach for one year, pursuing his interest in teaching and mechanical engineering before deciding to join the army.

After undergoing basic training in Missouri, Lim served in South Korea for 31 months. In 2009, Lim departed for his first combat tour in Afghanistan where a roadside bomb killed Lim and three other soldiers on July 24 of the following year.

Following his passing, Lim’s parents, Woo Bang and Soon Lim, sought to preserve Lim’s legacy by founding the ‘Sergeant Daniel Lim Memorial Scholarship Foundation,’ created to help Korean youth.

The couple desires to convey their son’s heart for learning to Korean students experiencing academic hardship in universities. “We can’t help but think of all the students that Daniel will still impact,” the couple stated.

The Sergeant Daniel Lim Memorial Scholarship Foundation hopes to fund about 10 students in July of each year. “Daniel was a kid who always wanted to help others. Through this scholarship, he will continue to help Korean students,” the couple said.

The Daniel Lim Scholarship targets high school students, rewarding students with exemplary qualities toward preserving freedom and justice with $1000. The application deadline for the 2016 scholarship is on July 25. More information about the scholarship can be found on the following website (www.sgtdaniellimmemorialfoundation.org).

Those interested in applying or nominating a student, call (714)213-0397.


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Translated/Adapted by Hankyul Sharon Lee