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‘The Source’ of K-Wave Will Soon Open in Buena Park

The Soft Opening on February 11-12

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The Source in construction. [Photo Courtesy of Korea Daily Los Angeles]
The Source in construction at Beach Boulevard and Orangethorpe in Buena Park. [Photo Courtesy of Korea Daily Los Angeles]

2017 is a big year for the OC Korean community as a number of projects in Orange County are ready to be unveiled to the public.

One of the most anticipated projects is opening of The Source, which is located at Beach Boulevard and Orangethorpe in Buena Park.

“We are planning a soft opening event on February 11-12 with music and performances,” said a representative from The Source. “Prior to the event, CGV Cinemas and the food court on the third level will open on January 27.”

The Source has been at the center of spotlight because of its potential to change local, as well as Korean, businesses in many ways.

The Source is a 500,000-square-foot multi-experience shopping complex with a six-story parking building with capacity of 1800 parking spaces. It is the largest mall in OC built by a Korean real estate company. But the size is not the only aspect that differentiates The Source from other shopping malls. The new mall is ambitious to be an “international entertainment center.”

“We want to provide various experiences to customers, including shopping, eating, watching movie, and many other things,” said the vice president of M+D Properties.

15% of traditional shopping malls were typically occupied with movie theaters and restaurants, but the ratio is increased up to 45% at this new mall. The two major parts of entertainment in The Source are CGV Cinemas and the “international food hall.”

CGV will have 8 screens on the third level, including 4DX theatre that provides 3D experience. The third floor food hall will be lined up with international selections from Asian to European.

Also, The Source’s food court attempts to bring a new concept of eatery, presenting culinary experience and entertainment simultaneously. YG Foods, which is a YG Entertainment’s affiliate, introduces a new restaurant YG Republique for the first time in the U.S.. YG artists’ character goods and CDs will be available at the store.

The food hall named Square Mixx will have 13 famous brands from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand that are introduced to U.S. customers for the first time.

Additionally, 10,000 square feet of women’s clothing stores and fitness center, 20,000 square feet of video game arcade, restaurants and screen golf will occupy the new mall.

The highlight of The Source is going to be the Hilton, which will be completed by July, 2017. Hilton will be equipped with 178 rooms, convention center, and restaurants, along with the swimming pool to be located at the rooftop of CGV cinemas.

A number of Koreans in OC expect The Source to become a landmark that spreads trendy Korean culture. Buena Park, too, expects the mall to revamp the city’s entertainment corridor.

The Source officially announced their plans to support the community by partnerships with local organizations. Last year the mall offered its parking lot for guests to Arirang Festival.


Original article by Sang-Hwan Lim
Translated by Narae Lee