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‘The Liar And His Lover’ Finally Releases First Episode

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The new tvN drama ‘The Liar And His Lover’ finally aired on March 20 (KST), portraying famous music producer Kang Han-gyul (Lee Hyun-woo) and aspiring singer Yoon Sorim’s (Joy) first meeting.

During this episode, Kang hurriedly went on a public bus to head towards his recording studio. He met Yoon there, who was on her way to an audition.

Kang felt a sudden unknown feeling towards Yoon as soon as he heard Yoon’s voice. Seeing her fret over the terrible weather, he handed her his umbrella and ran away.

Yoon accepted Kang’s favor without knowing anything about him. Having no time to thank him for his kindness, Yoon finished her audition. She then made drawings on her diary, expressing her feelings she felt today about Kang.

Then the two unexpectedly met again near the Han river. Yoon was on her way to deliver fruits and vegetables when she saw Kang working on his new music. Kang borrowed Yoon’s phone and recorded a melody he just thought of, forming another connection between them.

Yoon fell in love with Kang that moment. She couldn’t hide her smile when she saw Kang again at the audition place.

The drama kicked off to a great start with a heart racing romance between the two characters, stirring up curiosity on how the story will develop.

Original article available on http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=5101994

Translated by Ellen Kim

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