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“Thank you for your service” Japanese-American veterans were awarded ‘Ambassador For Peace’

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@katchup_news Consulate General of Republic of Korea in Los Angeles held a consolation performance for 21 Japanese-American veterans of the Korean War on December 3rd, and awarded the “Ambassador for Peace” medal. We should never forget the sacrifice Japanese-American veterans made for this country. #japaneseamerican #korea #koreanwar #ambassadorforpeace #asianamerican #wwii #fyp #news ♬ inspirational acoustic guitar piano ( ambient background instrumental music calm – megamusic

Consul General Kim Young-wan of LA delivers the “Ambassador for Peace” medal to 21 Japanese-American veterans(including descendants) who participated in the Korean War on December 3rd. [Provided by the Consulate General in LA]
“Thank you to the Korean government for giving us this opportunity”

The Los Angeles Consulate General held a consolation performance for Japanese-American veterans who participated in the Korean War at the Orange County Plaza Conference Center on December 3rd, and delivered the “Ambassador for Peace” medal to 21 veterans (including descendants).

The Ambassador for Peace is a commemorative medal presented by the government to remember the sacrifices of Korean War veterans and to express gratitude and respect.

Veterans and descendants thanked Kim Young-wan, the consul-general of LA, at the consolation performance, saying, “I am grateful to the Korean government for providing such a place for us.”

Kenzo Maeda (90), a veteran who received the medal, recalled the time of the war, saying, “Three brothers, including me, participated in the Korean War”. Then added, “It was so painful enduring the cold in the middle of winter trenches.”

He said, “It would have been nice if my two brothers could have received the Ambassador for Peace medal as well.”

Another winner, Harumi Sakatami, 92, said, “After living in a camp during World War II, I participated in the Korean War as an engineer and built a bridge.”

He said, “I am a Japanese-American, but I couldn’t speak Japanese, so I actually learned Japanese in Korea.”

“Just as the Korean War is not a forgotten war, the sacrifice and dedication of Japanese-American veterans will be remembered forever in the hearts of Koreans,” said Kim Young-wan, consul general of LA.

According to the Los Angeles Consulate General, about 5,600 Japanese-American soldiers participated in the Korean War. Of these, 255 were killed and more than 1,000 were injured.

The Japanese American War Veterans Association, a non-profit organization formed in 1996, built a monument for the war dead at the Japanese American Cultural Center in Los Angeles in 1997.

In 2001, a monument was also built in Imjingak, Korea, and a memorial was held every year to commemorate the Korean War dead.

In recognition of the contribution of Japanese-American veterans, the Korean government awarded the Prime Minister’s Group Citation to the Japanese-American Korean War Veterans Association in 2019.