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The Glory

‘The Glory’ actor Kim Hieora admits being school bullying bystander, denies other accusations

"The Glory" actor Kim Hieora on Wednesday admitted that she was a bystander to school bullying as a middle school student but denied ever...

‘The Glory’ becomes most popular show on Netflix globally

Netflix's latest revenge drama series "The Glory" became the most popular show globally on Monday, just three days after the release of the first...

‘The Glory’ director admits to having been a bully in school

Director Ahn Gil-ho behind the hit Netflix series "The Glory" admitted to having bullied people in school through an official statement from his attorney...

‘The Glory’ was third most-watched non-English TV series on Netflix last week

"The Glory" was the third most-watched non-English TV series around the world on Netflix last week, according to the streaming service's official website on...

Song Hye-kyo returns to the small screen in a blaze of glory

Star actor Song Hye-kyo is making a comeback to the small screen with the new drama series "The Glory," joining forces with screenwriter Kim...

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