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North Korea

North has continuously chased its nuclear goals

North Korea’s declaration Wednesday that it had successfully detonated its first hydrogen bomb marks the reclusive Communist state’s fourth nuclear weapons test. Since its first...

Pyongyang claims to test hydrogen bomb

Pyongyang claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb Wednesday morning, and the regime’s fourth nuclear test over the past decade is expected to...

North Korean official’s death raises questions

The death of one of North Korea’s most senior officials last week in a fatal car accident came as a surprise to observers in...

It is time to prepare for peace and unification

Opportunity comes as the political situation fluctuates. From the South China Sea to the Korean Peninsula, East Asia is in turmoil as the United...

North reports top official’s death in car accident

Kim Yang-gon, the top North Korean official in charge of handling inter-Korean policies has died following an early morning car accident, the state-run Korean...

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