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monterey park

The seventh mass shooting in California, at least three dead and four wounded

Seven people were killed and wounded in a shooting near Beverly Hills just a week after the shooting at Monterey Park and Half Moon...

Total of 29 victims from mass shooting in 3 Weeks

Since the new year, the western part of the country, including California, is becoming the epicenter of shooting tragedies. Even though California implements the...

[Field Coverage] Asian communities left in shock after Monterey Park mass shooting

  The mass shooting at Monterey Park took place after the Lunar New Year festival, shocking the Korean as well as other Asian communities. There was...

Lawmakers are quickly responding to the Monterey Park mass shooting

Lawmakers are swiftly responding to the shooting at Monterey Park mass shooting that killed at least 10 people. President Joe Biden tweeted on the 22nd,...

Monterey Park mass shooting suspect killed 10, then took his own life

  On the 21st, 10 people were killed and 10 were injured in a shooting spree after Lunar New Year's Day event at Monterey Park,...

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