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Korean political drama ‘Queenmaker’ was most watched non-English show on Netflix

Netflix original series “Queenmaker” (2023) was the most-watched non-English TV show on Netflix for the week of April 10, according to the global streaming...

‘The Glory’ becomes most popular show on Netflix globally

Netflix's latest revenge drama series "The Glory" became the most popular show globally on Monday, just three days after the release of the first...

When it comes to the global rise of K-pop, timing was everything

Koreans have been hearing that K-pop is growing bigger and bigger abroad since the 2000s, but was often disappointed when most of these reports...

Kim Jong-nam, Half-brother of Kim Jong-un, Killed in Malaysia

The North Korean man who was killed at the Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia on 13th has been confirmed to be Kim...

Top 5 Asean destinations selected by envoys

When deciding where to go for holiday, gathering recommendations from locals is one way to make your plan more entertaining and enjoyable. Hence, for...

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