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IVY League

This is the latest college application trend that students should know

Staying informed about the latest trends in college admissions is key to getting into your dream school. This year, major Ivy League schools are...

Leah Choi accepted to all eight Ivy League schools, expected to enroll at Harvard

A Korean-American girl, accepted to all eight Ivy League universities, which collectively receive more than 370,000 applications a year, is currently in the spotlight. Leah...

California’s youngest to pass the bar, Peter Park shares how he became a prosecutor

  "Being a genius is a bit of an exaggeration, and I didn't have a perfect GPA. I was drawn to law because it has...

Former student reporter of Korea Daily discusses his success in getting accepted to 10 IVY Leagues

One of our student journalists (KD Student Reporters), Tyler Kim (Korean name Sehyun Kim, 18, a senior at Placentia Parkview High School), recently received...

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