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Sword of Malta – Lightning in 72 years (2)

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2. Black Panther Aliens and Megalithic Temples

Starting November 2023, The Korea Daily is excited to publish the fantasy novel series “Sword of Malta – Lightning in 72 Years” on our website. This new captivating series follows a trio of young adventurers on their quest to uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations, including the Maya and Inca. In an exciting development, Netflix is currently adapting the novel’s storyline into a film.
The ‘Sword of Malta – Lightning in 72 Years’ is the latest novel authored by Jeeyoon Ha, who created the “Pangaea series.” Ha’s debut novel, “The Pangaea: Finding Xibalba,” was selected by the Korea Creative Content Agency in 2022 as part of their initiative to support the global export of fantasy literature.
Readers can eagerly anticipate the online publication of two installments each month, with new chapters appearing bi-weekly, offering a regular escape into this magical realm.

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Suri’s voice echoed into the silence as he emerged from the temple, his gaze met by a sight that held him captive. Countless megalithic temples sprawled endlessly, stretching beyond the horizon where the eye could not perceive its limit.

“This is an unseen civilization, yet there’s someone else here. Who could it be?”

Suri squinted at a figure standing about 10 meters away. The figure was veiled in a dazzling aura. The Sirius Lightning Aura, was obscuring its features. With his heart pounding like a drum in his chest, Suri approached.

“What on earth am I seeing?”

As the blinding aura slowly dissipated, it revealed not a human face but something else entirely; an entity that resembled a precise machine possessing vast knowledge rather than an alien or human being. Its face was obscured by a black helmet pulsating with images of the universe. Countless stars traversed, countless planets passed by, and countless galaxies swept through. And Sirius Lightning itself also raced.

“You resemble Black Panther. You’re wearing its uniform.”

But there was no response from this alien being.

“Without mouth or nose how do you communicate?” Suri asked before he suddenly felt as if someone had intruded upon his thoughts. It felt like this Black Panther-like entity was tapping into his mind.

“Find the sword.”

The words resonated within Suri’s mind as clear as if they were spoken aloud. The alien’s helmet now reflected an image of an immense ocean with waves threatening to engulf everything in their path until finally settling on an island where the megalithic temple stood once more.

“Which Pangean civilization does this megalithic temple belong to?”

Suri yearned to extract the rippling knowledge within the helmet. In response, the alien raised its left hand clasping onto Suri’s with such force that it sent shockwaves through his body akin to being struck by lightning. Hair was standing on end while electricity crackled around him.

“In 72 years’ time, a special bolt of lightning will strike and reveal secrets pertaining to an ancient sword.”

This time, the alien raised his right hand. Suri’s body floated in the air, and a colossal serpent-shaped lightning emerged once again, tightly coiling around Suri’s body.

“Find the sword”

The Sirius Lightning struck Suri, and he was immediately engulfed in roaring flames.

“Help…! Please…help!”

Suri flailed about before finally losing consciousness.



The familiar voice belonged to Ms.Goli; Omega Archaeology School’s star teacher whose soft-spoken demeanor today unnerved her students more than usual.

“That tone…it sends chills down my spine. A hybrid whose mind and face turn at the same time, depending on the situation”

The classroom was as quiet as the vacuum of space, with students holding their breaths. Because of that, Ms. Goli heard what Maru, who had been tearing up his notepad, said.

“Maru dear. Did you eat well today? Despite your classmates’ protests about your devouring share during lunch breaks”

It seems she’s forgetting her role as a teacher, which is not to denounce students.

“Madam, I’m the one who read ‘The Persecuted Food’ cover to cover overnight and discovered that government recommended dietary intake is far too low. I have a condition where my cerebrum and cerebellum shrink if I don’t eat enough. And you still ask me not to eat?”

Maru would rather die than lose his meals. Ms.Goli, distorting her face, spun her trademark whimsical hammer and headed towards Maru. Overwhelmed by fear, Maru spat out the piece of paper he had been chewing.

“It’s now a war with food. You are the food itself. Glutton Maru. The war has begun.”

Fire blazed in Ms.Goli’s eyes.

“Please, Suri…wake up, wake up from your sleep…Abracadabra… Wingardium Leviosa….Suri-suri-Maru-suri.”

In his desperation, Maru mumbled any words that sounded like a spell.

“Did you call me? Sir? Ha-ha.”

At that moment, Suri, who had been sleeping as if drugged with sleeping pills, stretched and woke up. Ms.Goli immediately changed direction and targeted Suri, her arch-nemesis.

“I am alive.. I won’t even call you ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ from now on.. It’s a timid revenge for messing with my food. From now on, I will call you Dragon.. nah!

Maru stuffed all the memo sheets he’d been tearing and eating one by one into his mouth at once.

“You know? …my Bill of Rights? What consequences sleeping during class can lead to?”

Ms.Goli hurled threats without hesitation at Suri who was now within her control.

“To ignore not only as a teacher but also as a woman. Right? Sir, I have all your sayings.”

Suri smirked. Ms. Goli’s lips quivered in rage.

“That’s right! Anyway, it’s too late for you to turn over a new leaf now. Let me give way this time since I am such a generous teacher after all! So where have you been this time around, our Suri?”

Ms.Goli raised her whimsical hammer high in the air. She was undeniably the master of this butcher shop scenario while poor Suri looked ready to cry yet shamelessly audacious at the same time.

“Do you want to catch me instead of cows? That’s really scary. Why are you doing this to me?”

Suri acted out a pitiful expression.

“So where did you go exactly? I’m giving you a chance to talk about it and save your life!”

Ms.Goli was almost howling at this point.

[To be continued…]