South Korea’s Baskin-Robbins Now Serving Energy Drink Sorbet


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Korea’s beloved energy drink Bacchus is now available as an ice cream. The local unit of world’s largest ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins has collaborated with Korea’s Dong-A Pharmaceutical to release the energy drink flavored sorbet.

Bacchus, first launched in 1963, is a non-carbonated energy drink popular in South Korea. The energy drink, previously sold only in pharmacies, has become available from convenience stores as well since 2011, as the solution containing less caffeine was released under a new label, Bacchus-F.

Launched on November 1, the energy drink sorbet is already drawing much attention on social media. People who tried the new flavor comment that they are surprised to find the exact flavor of Bacchus carried as an ice cream.

With the release of Bacchus flavored sorbet, Baskin-Robbins Korea also launched this month’s special flavor, which is made of chestnuts, corns, and sweet potatoes.


By Heewon Kim