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Radioactive material detected in Japanese candy slated for import to Korea

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Ministry of Food and Drug Safety [YONHAP]
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety [YONHAP]

A small amount of cesium, a type of radioactive material, was detected in a Japanese confectionery product slated for import to Korea, prompting the importer to cancel its plans, the Korean food safety agency said Friday.

During radiation inspections for imported products, 1 bequerel per kilogram of cesium was detected in a candy manufactured in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, according to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

The company intending to import 122 kilograms (269 pounds) of the affected product canceled its import plan in response to the findings.

Even if the detected radiation level falls below the safety threshold of 100 bequerel per kilogram, the Food Ministry requires importers to conduct further testing for other radioactive nuclides.

Last year, traces of cesium were discovered in Japanese products on four occasions, prompting the cancellation of import plans each time, according to the ministry.