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Prototype Helper Robots Debut at Incheon

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Guide Robot [Courtesy of LG]

Greeters may soon be a thing of the past at Incheon International Airport. Today, LG debuted two new robots at Incheon, the Cleaning Robot and the Guide Robot.

The Cleaning Robot is essentially a heavy-duty Roomba. While its smaller cousins only need to clean up a house, the Cleaning Robot is scaled up to handle the challenge of cleaning an entire airport. It also comes with superior navigation technology and an adaptable cleaning routine that will change as it gains “experience.”

On the other hand, the Guide Robot will be working as greeters and information kiosks. Able to communicate in four different languages, the Guide Robot is able to inform travelers about their flights and can even lead lost travelers to their gates with just a scan of a passenger’s boarding pass.

These prototype robots were showcased earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, a major convention where companies show off their latest gadgets. Their debut at Incheon is tied to promotional efforts for the 2018 Winter Olympics at Pyeongchang.

By T. Kim

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