‘Podshare’ Makes Room Sharing Easy for Travelers



If Airbnb is a service that mainly provides shared accommodations, there is a new service called ‘Podshare’, which you can use to share a room with other travelers in an easy and safe way.

A pod looks similar to a bunk bed, but it is different since it is more of a personal space. There are 4 to 8 ‘pods’ in each room, and each pod consists of a memory foam mattress, LED nightlight, personal outlets, storage locker, and 22’ flat screen. Amenities include kitchens with refrigerator and microwave, and bathrooms that are sharable. Also, customers all have access to free WiFi provided, and there is a space to use computers.

Any credit card holders above the age of 18 can use Podshare, but according to the housing laws, the maximum stay is limited to 28 nights.

At Podshare in Downtown LA, it costs $40 per night for a single-sized pod, and $60 per night for a queen-sized pod. Because of such affordable price, the Podshare is fully booked everyday, and there are 7 to 14 people on the waitlist on average.

Elvina Beck, Podshare’s founder said, “From my experience of sharing my place through Airbnb, I noticed that young travelers prefer having conversations and sharing information with other travelers, so that’s why I have created Podshare.”

You can find more information about Podshare on its official website: http://podshare.co

Original document available from http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?page=10&branch=NEWS&source=LA&category=&art_id=4290946
Translated by Audrey Joung