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Podcast ‘All Rise’ tackles minority immigrant issues, resonates with Korean community

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A new podcast called “All Rise” is gaining significant attention in the Korean community for its focus on discussing and addressing the various situations and discrimination faced by minority immigrants in their daily lives.

The hosts, Sydney Sohn and Alex Tsao, are long-time friends and seasoned attorneys practicing in Koreatown. The name “All Rise” symbolizes the commencement of court proceedings when the judge enters the courtroom.

Currently, eight episodes have been uploaded, attracting considerable interest both within and outside the Korean community. The podcast covers topics such as the COVID-19 situation, unlicensed driving, golf tee time controversies, school violence, and racial prejudice, delving into conversations that are often not openly discussed in everyday life.


The hosts of “All Rise” Sydney Sohn (left) and Alex Tsao [JOONGANG PHOTO]

The hosts attribute the podcast’s popularity to their expertise and firsthand experiences from the 1990s and early 2000s.

Attorney Sohn, who graduated from UCLA and Loyola Law School, said, “I have a deep understanding of the times the Korean community has gone through since the 1992 LA riots. I hope these candid conversations can help enrich and relax our community.”

Attorney Chao, a Marine Corps veteran with overseas deployment experience, added, “In Southern California, we experience many issues that everyone should think about together. We wanted to have honest conversations about these topics and actively engage with our viewers.”

Viewers of the podcast have left comments such as, “It was great to hear clear explanations from the attorneys on issues I recently experienced,” “It helped resolve misunderstandings and facilitated conversations with my neighbors,” and “It provided valuable insights into understanding my grown-up second-generation children.”

Recently, the podcast featured Min Yang, the father of Yong Yang, who was fatally shot by the police, to enhance understanding of the incident, garnering further attention.

The “All Rise” podcast can be found by searching on YouTube or visiting the Korea Daily YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@Korea_Daily.

BY INSEONG CHOI, YOUNGNAM KIM [choi.inseong@koreadaily.com]