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Peak into the Larger Trends of K-pop through DAY 6’s Debut Album

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day6DAY6 is a six-member boy band from JYP Entertainment that debuted in September of 2015. DAY6 boasts six talented members: Sungjin (leader, guitar, main vocalist), Jae (main guitar, vocalist, rapper), Junhyuk (keyboardist, vocalist), Young K (bassist, rapper, vocalist), Wonpil (sythesizer, vocalist), and Dowoon (drummer). Jae is well-known for his appearance in Kpop Star Season 1 back in. JYP paints a soft, gentle image of the boy group in their debut album The Day, which combines a traditional genre of rock with modern electronic sounds.

12246841_1073598739340745_1376397506646808581_nI’ll introduce you to this talented group DAY6 using three larger themes present in the K-pop industry. Let’s begin!

THEME #1: Continuation of the Legendary Rivalry between JYP Ent. and YG Ent.

There has traditionally been a long history of rivalry between two of the largest entertainment agencies in Korea, JYP and YG. The most notable examples include

Rain vs. SE7EN in the early 2000’s
2PM vs. BIG BANG in the late 2000’s
DAY6 vs. iKON in the mid 2010’s

DAY6 debuted around the same time as YG Entertainment’s rookie boy group iKon. The two groups carry on this traditional rivalry as DAY6 promotes a softer image in the form of a K-band while iKON promotes a tougher image in the form of K-hip hop. As a matter of fact, the two groups faced each other in a singing, dancing, and rapping battle back in 2014 through a television series called WIN. The rivalry constructs an interesting edge to the boy band’s projected career in the K-pop industry.

TEHME #2: Growth in Idol Bands

DAY6 is comprised of a harmony among vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and electronic DJ-ing. This is a testament to the diversification of the genres within idol K-pop groups. Back in 2007, FT Island were one of the only few well-known idol bands in the industry. Now, we have CN BLUE, AOA, Wonder Girls, and DAY6 to add to the mix!

DAY6 really utilized their unique set up as a band group to their advantage when they held a live showcase in Hongdae before their official debut. Fancams from this day’s event acted as successful promotional materials for the new boy band.

THEME #3: Rise of Singer Songwriters

DAY6 members participated in the writing, composing, and/or producing all six of the songs in their debut album. This proves the members’ musical abilities and adds a professional touch to their album.

K-pop is entering a new age when idols partake in the making and the performing of their own songs. This breaks the long-lasted criticism many pop artists face, that they are mere for-show machines mindlessly performing something made by other people.

By Hajin Lily Yi