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[NOTICE] The Korea Daily launches English newsletter service ‘Katchup Briefing’

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On April 3, the Korea Daily launched an English newsletter service called “Katchup Briefing,” the first of its kind in the Korean media in the United States.

Karen Bass, Mayor of Los Angeles.

Katchup Briefing is a newsletter that is sent by email to American opinion leaders and Korean descendants whose mother tongue is English and delivers major issues and news about the Korean community. Its audience will be the second and third generations of Korean Americans, members of legislatures in city, county and state, and their aides, policy makers of city, county and state, law enforcement officials, activists from various civic organizations, and business people.

Katchup Briefing covers topics of interest to both Korean Americans and American readers, such as news and issues closely related to the Korean community that are not covered in depth by the American mainstream media, and the reactions and opinions of Korean community to American social and political issues.

In particular, the idea is to emphasize the function of disseminating the views and voices of the Korean community to the mainstream society, not just delivering news. The newsletter will start with a weekly service every Monday and plans to switch to daily except Saturdays and Sundays later this year.

As this year marks the 120th anniversary of Korean immigration to the United States, young people in their 20s and 30s are emerging as leaders in the community. The number of Koreans entering the U.S. political arena is also a sign of changing times. In response, the Korea Daily has added an English-language newsletter, Katchup Briefing, to its existing Korean-language newsletter, with the goal of meeting the news needs of both the Korean community and the English-speaking mainstream.

By the end of this year, the Korea Daily plans to add the Katchup Briefing app and to overhaul its English-language website and English-language SNS (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.) to become a media that comprehensively operates an English-language news platform alongside its existing Korean-language news platform.

The theme of the first issue of Katchup Briefing on April 3 is the rampant Asian hate crimes across the United States. It is a safety-related issue that Koreans are most concerned about in the U.S., where they can become victims of a shooting at any time. It is also an issue of discrimination against minority immigrants. We take a look at the causes, status, and responses to Asian hate crimes that have been occurring in public spaces such as streets, parks, public transportation facilities, and markets since the pandemic.

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